Trademark has been performing in and around the Calgary area since 2007 and welcomes Dave Chernoff who has joined us as Tenor.  Although we try to embrace our different talents and backgrounds in our quartet, disagreements are bound to happen, but are all resolved harmoniously in the end.

Members of Trademark have been friends since the early 1980's and each possesses a wealth of experience to bring a great sound, humour, and some great entertainment to the stage.   Trademark has been the Quartet Champs or runner up in the Division III (Alberta) region since 2007 including being the 2012 Alberta Quartet Champs. From blues through jazz and early rock, Trademark covers a wide range of musical styles, always with a certain sense of style that makes them truly fun to experience.

The members of Trademark are:
Dave Chernoff - Tenor
Doug Robertson - Bass
Darcy Fraser - Lead
Kevin Robertson - Bari

April 23, 2016 - Mad Men of Music - Western Hospitality Show
        Shows at 2:00pm & 7:30pm
        McDougall United, 8513 Athabasca St SE, Calgary, AB
        Tickets available at www.sing4fun.ca

May 28, 2016 - Division III Convention
        Show of Champions - 7:30pm
        McDougall United, 8513 Athabasca St SE, Calgary, AB

For photos and videos of the quartet, click here to check out our Trademark Facebook page.

For information about Trademark Quartet, contact Kevin Robertson at 403-923-9165 or kevin.robertson@telus.net